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These are a few of my favorite things . . .

Last week, a live performance was shown on national TV of The Sound of Music, the first time a live production was aired in 50 years.  The Julie Andrews Sound of Music movie was my favorite movie for about ten years.  The live play may be my new favorite.  The play is personal and imperfect and more life-like than the polished movie, and I love that.

SPOILER ALERT: If you do not like The Sound of Music you may not appreciate the following:

So, with Sound of Music as my backdrop, here are a few of MY favorite things.

FaithWorks students, present, past and future top my list.  These hard working men and women are my heroes.

FaithWorks graduation – not only the celebration of the completion of 13 weeks of diligence, but also the chance to recognize the incredible growth that has just happened. Our next graduation is this Tuesday, December 17th.

FaithWorks volunteers including the 13 mentors and 13 internship providers this semester, but for the weekly volunteers who run the place –those in the office, in the Clothing Shoppe, and those who help in the classroom and in the kitchen.  One of my favorite scenes from The Sound of Music is when the Reverend Mother tells Maria that she will be leaving the Abbey. It is a painful conversation.  This is just after Maria says she is looking to learn the will of God for her life and then to do it.  The song that follows instructs Maria to “Climb every mountain, search high and low . . .’till you find your dream” “A dream that will need all the love you can give, every day of your life, for as long as you live.”  There is no doubt about it, FaithWorks is that dream for many who selflessly give hours and days every week.

New Beginnings at FaithWorks – FaithWorks is very much a place of second chances – of new beginnings.  For all of us.  And so when we begin an new class it is such an exciting time.  Our spring class, our 33rd begins on Monday January 13, 2014.  Even if The Sound of Music does not make your “Few of My Favorite Things” list, FaithWorks of Abilene undoubtedly is there.  If you know of someone who might benefit from a thirteen week investment in finding and keeping THE job , please let them know of our new semester beginning in January.