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A letter to the FaithWorks graduates from 2013

Dear graduate of class 30, 31 and 32 – I need your help!  I need a bit of your time and I need a LOT of your wisdom.

We continually strive to be better at what we do at FaithWorks. It is an ongoing process and an ongoing conversation.

To this point, that focus has been on the 13 week semester – the intense 37 hour per week, five day per week semester – and that part of FaithWorks continues improve with each and every class,  but we have overlooked  – or not gotten to – another very important part of FaithWorks – the remainder of that first year.

The first thirteen weeks are a season of important growth and transition but so are weeks fourteen through fifty two.  That is where we need your help.  YOU are the expert in knowing what those weeks are like.  YOU have the most recent experience of what it is like to go from the all-day-every-day FaithWorks to a lesser relationship and support.

And so, we need a little of your time to gather this important information from you.  We need your wisdom to help FaithWorks continue to grow bigger and better for future graduates – from the classes in 2014 and beyond.

Please let me know the best way to get in touch – email, Facebook, text, or by phone.  Someone will be in touch.  We have a talented group of Social Work students helping us gather this information. One of these students will set a time to meet with you to talk through these questions.

Thank you.  Thank you for sharing that bit of you that will help FaithWorks continue to serve and to serve better.