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How We Began

FaithWorks formed in the mind and heart of Joyce Dalzell several years before the first class began in 2003. It was while she was volunteering at a local food pantry that she realized that the people being served “just have never learned the skills they need to find a good job and be a good employee.” At that time, Joyce was employed as a human resource specialist. (Well, she still is, in a way.)

Joyce and others prayed about the possibility of a training center for unemployed adults for more than a year before doors started opening. Joyce visited a similar program, Hope Works, in Memphis, and she was hooked. She received training in the Adkins Life Skills Program at Columbia University in New York. The Highland Church of Christ elders blessed this fledgling ministry, provided a space for it to start, and the first class began in January of 2003.

June 2020 made our 51st class of men and women seeking to better themselves, break out of the cycle of destructive behavior and poverty and become self-sustaining citizens of our community.

We thank God for putting His power behind Joyce’s vision.

Alumni Stories

Rebekah Vaughn has come a long way from the days she lived in a shed in Abilene. Lost, confused Rebekah spent six months caring about nothing: Especially and including herself. Before she found FaithWorks, her life was the sum total of co-dependency and a host of other addictions.

Program Overview

Classes are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

FaithWorks offers three career development sessions a year: spring, summer and fall.

Class attendance is mandatory.

We start each day right after breakfast with a time of Psalm reading, prayer and journaling.

You'll learn computer skills, conflict resolution skills, and the truths taught in the Bible.

The Life Skills curriculum teaches you to identify your skills and interests, then match them with a career path.

You'll learn where to find leads for jobs, how to write a resume, how to interview successfully, and what employers are looking for.

We'll find you an internship where you will put those skills to work.

Besides all that, the food is great! Breakfast and lunch are served every day at no charge, and the coffee is always hot.