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Summer is officially here! Summer Solstice happened this past week. The longer daylight hours and the warmer weather along with a bit of rainfall announce the arrival of Summer 2012 and a season of growth and newness and creation. Gardens are thriving this year. Fruit trees are bearing. Farmers Markets are in business again. And FaithWorks is enjoying a season of celebration as we converse with former FaithWorks students on Mondays around the lunch table. It has been an amazing experience to see the sampling of students from the first 28 classes come together to help us identify the keepers and changers of ‘their’ FaithWorks program. It has been so exciting to reunite and to catch up with former students, some of whom we have not seen in many years.

If you have not been a part of these summer Monday lunches, I extend a special invitation to you to join us. We will continue this every Monday through July. In addition, we have one morning gathering on July 10 and one in the evening scheduled for July 12th. Get in touch with us – phone, text, email or Facebook us. Watch your mail for your postcard and check your email for your invitation. Let us know which of the remaining seven gatherings you will attend.

For the 75 or so who have participated so far, thank you! For you we are so very thankful!