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September 2019

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Tim O’Neill learned about FaithWorks one winter day just because he was cold. He made the acquaintance of Jim Clark, the executive director of the Christian Service Center, after he was released from prison for the first time and did community service there. When he was released again in December of 2017, following his second stint in prison, he headed

In FaithWorks of Abilene’s history, there has only been one couple who began the program together; that is the story of Dave Ray and T.J. Garlett, FaithWorks graduates from 2005. Their stories are so intertwined that they must be told together. The two landed at FaithWorks shortly after moving to Abilene from California, a self-professed “dead end” for the two rife with bad

Job-seekers in Abilene have a unique resource. FaithWorks of Abilene is a 13-week career development course, assisting students in overcoming barriers to employment. While employment agencies merely help with the mechanics of getting a job, FaithWorks uses a holistic approach to the issue of joblessness. FaithWorks has helped more than 500 students since its beginning in 2003. Here is