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Ten Years Old Next January

I think it is funny the way we answer the question “How old are you?” depending on the stage of life we are in and the things we are looking forward to.

If you ask a child how old they are, they often answer with the age they will be on their next birthday. How old am I? I will be ten on June 14th!! Ask a teen or young adult and you get a similar answer. I will be EIGHTEEN next Thursday. I turn TWENTY ONE on June 9th!!! Each of those landmark birthdays bring new privileges. Each is a long awaited and celebrated milestone.

FaithWorks turns ten next January! And we are so excited we want to start celebrating that milestone a full season ahead of our birthday.

We have some special things happening this summer. One of the biggest is getting in touch with every former student. All 350. We are beginning those conversations now. If you think we may not have current contact information on you, we would love to have that. We would love to be able to catch up with you and with your life. You can email your mailing address, email address, cell phone number to me at We want to take time now that we are almost ten years old to stop and consider how we are doing and to set future direction. You have important information, and we cherish your input.

We are also scheduling meaningful conversations with those who have supported us financially for some or all of these first nine years. You, also, have valued information and we would like to have meaningful conversations with you this summer. You are the lifeblood of FaithWorks.

Mentors and internship providers, the gift you have given to a FaithWorks student of yourself and your time are invaluable and we hope to hear from you the parts of that relationship that worked well as well as portions that could be improved.

So . . . how old are we? We will be ten years old in January and we cannot wait. We are thankful, so thankful, that you have been a part of these first ten years. And we are so excited about the years to come.