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What’s in Your Cabinet?

I don’t know what your morning, getting-ready-for-work routine is, but my morning prep time is product intensive. I cannot imagine a work day morning where I did not have shampoo, conditioner and hair gel; toothpaste, mouthwash and my good toothbrush that signals when my two minute brushing time is complete. I would be self conscience and probably grumpy my whole workday without my five minute Bare Minerals routine and the little Rubbermaid box filled with assorted jars, powders and brushes.
It is our desire that each FaithWorks student have access to the same getting-ready-for-work routine and similar products. It is our dream that they receive the gift of “feeling good about ME” as they spend time each day preparing to interview for THE job.

This is an easy wish to fulfill for our students. It is so simple to drop an extra toothbrush or tube of deodorant into my shopping basket at Wal-Mart, HEB or the Dollar Store. A liberal translation of the Golden Rule in my life says that I will buy a brand of toothpaste, or hair gel that I would actually use.

In addition to hair care and dental hygiene items, daily routines usually include deodorant, razors, shaving gels, body lotions. We also try to provide over the counter multivitamins and vitamin C for adults and children as well as Tylenol and Motrin products for adults and children. Another category is the items we use to wash and iron work clothes. If your wash room looks like mine, there is another four or five items used to care for my clothing. These important items were actually the very first stage of FaithWorks. Before there was a building or a curriculum, there was a realization that no matter how qualified or skilled a person is, if they don’t have these needed items they do not have a chance of going to work. We would love to have the resources to provide these items for our hard working students on a regular basis. Please consider this season dropping an extra personal care item, or two, into your grocery cart as you replenish your own supply. If you are a member of a Boy Scout troop or Sunday school class would you consider providing a box that group members can fill?