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FaithWorks 201

We are FaithWorks! Those familiar with FaithWorks know what an intense experience we share together. We come together as total strangers the first week of each semester in January, June or September and make the commitment to spend all day every week day together for the next 13 weeks. We work together through a comprehensive 10 unit career development guided study around our large classroom table. We eat two meals a day together, seated around a common dining room table. We work through our individual struggles and issues one morning a week as a group under the guidance of two of Abilene’s most professional therapists. We walk through and talk about today’s application of Jesus’ teachings to the way of a better life through the book of Matthew. We lift a common prayer each morning.

Then we graduate leaving our seat at the classroom table as well as the lunchroom table stepping away from the security of FaithWorks to enter the world of daily work.

The mission of FaithWorks is to help those coming to FaithWorks acquire the confidence and skills for gainful employment and a future career. Area employers know how vital it is for employees serving their customers to be strong in ersonal
skills – being dependable, honest and getting along well with others. Well-developed communication skills are essential. Employers tell us they can teach work skills but they cannot teach attitudes like honesty, dependability, trust and personal integrity. Employers need and demand employees who already have great attitudes and personal attributes.

Now we are gathering feedback through conversation with former students to better refine our FaithWorks teaching. From the viewpoint of those who have succeeded or stumbled what should FaithWorks career development training include? As you have entered the workplace, what are the skills and experiences that would help you be even more successful?

We also love to hear from current and future employers of our graduates. What are the most valuable skills and characteristics of your employees?

If you have a FaithWorks graduate working for you what are additional skills and training that would make them even more valuable employees?

As Executive Director my request today is a sincere personal invitation to let us hear from you! We want to continuously make FaithWorks better and better. We want our graduates to go to work in THE job and be as successful as they can be. We want our graduates to continue entering the workforce with the advantage of having dedicated the past 90 days to becoming a valued contributor to the Abilene community, to their employer and to their family.

Please take a minute to share with us the valuable suggestions that you have. Contact me at or in the comment section of our webpage, Former students, please check out the survey on the FaithWorks webpage. Or call me at 325-437-2272.

Thanks for your continued commitment to making FaithWorks the best we can be as we continue helping our graduates reach their career goals and a
better life.