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September 2015

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This past Thursday we celebrated, in an auditorium filled with family, friends, encouragers and former graduates, as we completed our summer FaithWorks class. Our 37th class is a determined group of students, who named their class The Unshaken. It is always a highlight of graduation to hear the stories. Every student has a story – an incredible

It gives me comfort in knowing that whatever happens that day or that week that when the day is over I have a safe place to watch my children sleep and me also. A place where my family can be comfortable and where children can be children. It’s my safe haven. I feel like all I

One of FaithWorks’ favorite friends is Terry Pope. Dr. Pope is a professor of accounting and finance in the College of Business at Abilene Christian University. This week, like every beginning week of every semester, Terry opens his class of senior business majors reminding them that every morning when they look in the mirror, as they