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Typical FaithWorks Day

Students begin gathering at FaithWorks before eight each morning with breakfast being served at 8:30. Class starts at 9 every morning with devotional that begins with the daily Psalm reading and prayer time. A few minutes of quiet time allows students to write in their journals. It's amazing how quickly a person comes to know and respect another by praying for them.

Life skills training follows, which includes:
  • how to choose
  • find
  • get
  • keep a job.

We have a full computer lab so that students can learn computer skills individually. A hot lunch is served at noon every day, and those who help clean up get to take home the leftovers.

Afternoon classes might include:
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Character education
  • Group counseling
  • Conflict resolution

A Bible study on Matthew is taught every Thursday morning. Group counseling occurs on Tuesday mornings. Class concludes every day, pausing to recognize the day's highlight and lowlight at 4pm.

During break times, students may visit the lending library or our clothing closet. Students are often seen encouraging one another or lending a listening ear.

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