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You are invited to join us by contacting Joyce Dalzell, Director of FaithWorks, at (325) 437-2272 or email us at joyced@faithworksofabilene.org.

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Dalzell Realty
Dave Dalzell, owner and manager of Dalzell, Realtors® and current President of Abilene Realtors Association, has been an active champion of FaithWorks of Abilene since its beginning in 2003. His participation in the support of FaithWorks comes in many forms. He has taught the Bible class one day per week for every session since FaithWorks began ten years ago. He has provided affordable housing for homeless students, money for emergency needs, food, and transportation. There's no need that he will not endeavor to meet. The biggest thing he gives is time – time for students, time for errands, time for physical work around the building. No task is too large or small for Dave.
Dave Dalzell
Dave Dalzell
Dalzell Realtors® has also provided internships for students who want to go into real estate. Mentoring those students has proven to be invaluable in teaching them not only real estate, but integrity, responsibility and teamwork.

The building where FaithWorks meets, 1229 N. Mockingbird, is provided rent-free by Dave Dalzell. That gift allows FaithWorks to continue ministering to people in this community every year.

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