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Below are quotes of experience, accomplishments and faith from graduates of FaithWorks.

In Your Words
"This program has changed my outlook at things, seeing as I was accepted as I was and nobody expected me to be different or change for them. I felt welcomed and cared for and the people were all pleasant and understanding. I learned about a lot of different things in preparation for seeking, applying for, and finding a job in this day and time. I was able to hone in on my personal interests and figure out the career I wanted to pursue. I enjoyed the new atmosphere I was introduced to and the people who were at FaithWorks that welcomed me and made me feel like I belonged there with them all. I was given a great private counselor and a great mentor that made my time there even more positive. All the things I learned there were added incentives to make me keep fighting for better times instead of giving up and giving in to failure. My time here also gave me the chance to develop new friendships that I hope will last after my time here is finished."
- Patreese, Class 36
In Your Words
"FaithWorks gave me a purpose. I got back into the routine of getting up early, eating, and attending as well as participating in classroom instruction. The daily devotion was beneficial to getting my day started. I continually gave thanks to God for waking me up to a fresh start everyday. The individual and group counseling are very pertinent and much needed. It’s nice to have another person listen to you with an objective opinion in an effort to help you help yourself. My mentor was a valuable contributor to my program. She was instrumental in helping me recognize some problem areas in my life. Her knowledge and wisdom inspired me to aspire to change; she gave me hope. Thanks to FaithWorks my future is looking brighter. I’m blessed, happy and my faith has been restored. Thank you God, now I see the Light."
- Sherri, Class 36
" If it weren't for the help of this FaithWorks program, I would not have gone back to school. And I would not have known the potential that I have within me to succeed. After FaithWorks I attended Cisco College where I did receive an Associate Degree in Arts. I was able to maintain a 3.96 GPA. I have received an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Respiratory Therapy and am now employed as a Respiratory Therapist."
- Former FW Student
"I didn't understand why we had to have counseling, what good was this going to do for me? How I was wrong. It taught me to care about myself and how I feel. Stop worrying about everyone's feeling and worry about mine. How am I to take care of my babies if I can't even take care of myself? I've never been around so many Godly people. Now I understand what my cousin has been telling me to surround myself around Godly people."
- Former FW Student
"My internship at the Serenity House at the end of the FaithWorks semester opened up a new future. After graduation from FaithWorks, I was hired at Serenity House. My experiences at FaithWorks and Serenity House have caused him to consider continuing his education and perhaps becoming a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. I'm convinced that, "It's never too late to become what you might have been."
- Former FW Student
"During my participation in FaithWorks I've learned to be more confident in communicating with others. I've learned exactly what I enjoy doing and how to pursue it as a career. I've learned the importance of building relationships. I've learned how to navigate the basics of the computer. I've learned how to put together a resume and a Powerpoint presentation and interview business owners. I've learned the importance of integrity and ethics. I've learned what tools I have to utilize during a conflict. I've learned to keep the end in mind."
- Rance Obenchain
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