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RenTech Boiler Services and Frontier Welding
Jack Rentz, has been providing internships at FaithWorks since 2008. He is president and CEO of RenTech Boiler Systems, and a partner in RenTech Boiler Services and Frontier Welding. Some of the students who were hired at the end of their internships include Rosario Ornelas-Lavaris , Jason Thorp, and Dan Dougherty, who continue to work there. The Better Business Bureau saluted RenTech as a Corporate Star in 2011. Jack and his wife Becky are members of First Baptist Church, and are living the servant-life here in Abilene. The Board of Directors of FaithWorks awarded Jack one of its FaithWorker Awards in 2011. Thanks, Jack, for supporting FaithWorks through your godly example of how a Christian businessman can make a huge difference in the lives of those who are striving to better themselves.

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