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December 2011

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Each afternoon at FaithWorks we pause to recognize the one thing we are most grateful for from the last 24 hour period. We usually do this just before we walk out the door for the day, so that selection might be from something that happened since we arrived at the FaithWorks building that morning, but it could also

Where would you turn for help? Sweltering heat, devastating fires, a faltering economy, unemployment, world-wide disequilibrium, uncertainty - 2011 will be remembered as a difficult year for most of us. Put in a personal and family context, that generic description is brutally real to the students of FaithWorks, but your gifts have provided a lifeline to the future.

It was January 20, 2003 – a few minutes before nine a.m.; the first morning of the first FaithWorks class ever; the moment I first met Terri Simons. Her greeting was not “hello” or “good morning”, but “what time is our first break”. She was already planning her escape from the crowd of 8 that morning. Eight years

We are FaithWorks! Those familiar with FaithWorks know what an intense experience we share together. We come together as total strangers the first week of each semester in January, June or September and make the commitment to spend all day every week day together for the next 13 weeks. We work together through a comprehensive 10

There are lots of great stories out this week as IBM celebrates its 100 year anniversary. My dad went to work for IBM the year I was born as a Customer Service Engineer. He was a computer repair guy at a time when each computer got its own room and air conditioning system. Walking into a

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