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FaithWorks offers three career delvelopment sessions a year: spring, summer, and fall

  • Class attendance is mandatory.

  • Start each day right after breakfast with a time of devotional, prayer, and journaling.

  • You'll learn computer skills, conflict resolution skills, and the truths taught in the Bible.

  • The Life Skills curriculum teaches you to identify your skills and interests, then match them with a career path.

  • You'll learn where to find leads for jobs, how to write a resume, how to interview successfully, and what employers are looking for.

  • We'll find you an internship where you will put those skills to work.

  • Besides all that, the food is great! Breakfast and lunch are served every day at no charge, and the coffee is always hot.

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1229 N Mockingbird
Abilene, TX 79603
(325) 437-2272
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When I came to get information about this program, I didn't have a clue that it would change my life the way that it did. FaithWorks helped me blossom like a flower. I have seen with my own eyes that every one that started had problems like I did. But by the time it was almost time to graduate everyone had changed for the better. I am glad I came to FaithWorks.
- Former Student
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