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Alumni Survey
Former Faithworks students - please take part in our survey (even if you didn't graduate). Please limit your answers to 255 characters (about 50 words)
What skills did you develop at FaithWorks that you have found to be useful in your education or employment?
What is your approximate annual salary?
How many different jobs have you had since graduating from FaithWorks?
Did your internship lead to a permanent job?
If your internship did not lead to a permanent job, how has your internship positively or negatively affected your employment experience?
How did your participation in FaithWorks affect your family? What are the ways that your family is different because of your participation in FaithWorks?
In what ways are you different as a result of attending FaithWorks?
If you did not graduate, why did you decide not to complete FaithWorks?
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