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December 2016

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We have an overflow crowd in our 41st class this fall. Men, women, young, not-so-young - all looking for the skills needed for gainful employment. Around the lunch table each day, students share their hopes, dreams and stories that impact their lives. Recently we asked students to name some of the things about FaithWorks that they are

FaithWorks of Abilene is pleased to announce the establishment of the Bruce Evans Memorial Fund, honoring Dr. Bruce Evans, one of the founding board members of FaithWorks. In 2003,  Bruce was executive director and executive vice president of The ACU Foundation and a certified financial planner. With a heart for ministry and expertise in organizational fundraising,

We serve lunch in a room that was originally a lab in a medical facility built in 1955 for Dr. Irby Fox and used by a number of medical professionals. When FaithWorks was offered use of the building in 2007, Community Development Block Grant paid for new flooring and paint. We removed the 50-year-old carpet from

I love stories and I am a natural story teller. If you know me well, you know that often what could be a short answer to your question comes with a story. FaithWorks graduates are reading Brene’ Brown’s book Rising Strong and discussing her writing over dinner one Thursday night each month.   Brown talks about how our