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to work but cannot get hired because of lack of direct job experience?
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a career, not just a job?

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Rolando Diaz Prints

Purchase Rolando Diaz Art Prints!

At FaithWorks' 15th Anniversary Celebration in April 2018, Diaz created "Faith Grows" on canvas. In January 2018, Diaz painted a magnificent mural, "Mother Earth," in our community garden. Both are available as limited edition giclée prints for purchase to benefit FaithWorks.

"Mother Earth" Print (12" x 31" • $300)
"Faith Grows" Print (24" x 32" / 30" x 40" • $300 / $500)

Both options are limited edition, giclée prints, signed and numbered. Prints will be delivered to you.

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Our mission is to help the underemployed, through personal, career, academic and spiritual development, acquire the confidence and skills for gainful employment.
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Alumni Spotlight
My story starts a year or so before coming to FaithWorks. Life then was totally different from what it is now.
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